What's the color of BARIUM IONS ??


Barium ions are Ba+2.

They have a completed octet and there are no partially filled orbitals. So we have the Ba+2 ions as colorless ions. A few compounds of Barium are yellow in colour due to defects in the crystal structure of barium. Other compounds are coloured due to the presence of a coloured anion. But as themselves Ba+2 ions do not contribute to colour.
ION color? In a flame test.

Metal ions at room temperature are almost exclusively in their lowest electronic state. When you heat the salt in a flame, the temperature is high enough to

1. Evaporate some of the salt and

2. There is enough heat energy
to excite one or more (usually one) electron to a higher energy state. When these atoms de-excite the energy in the form of light is emitted. Every element has a characteristic fingerprint of emission lines depending upon its electronic state.

Solutions of ions, when mixed with concentrated HCl and heated on a nickel/chromium wire in a flame, cause the flame to change to a color characteristic of the atom.Visible colors occur with the following ions:

Barium Light green (slight)
Free Barium ions should be colorless since Mg+2, Ca+2 and Sr+2 are colorless (I've seen all of these). I can't recall using a lot of Ba+2 in the lab because it is highly poisoness.
By colour, I take it to mean that when you perform the flame test, you want to know the colour that barium metal gives?

It's light green.

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