A mixture of magnesium chloride and magnesium sulphate is known to contain 0.6 moles of chloride ions and 0.2?

MgCl2 has one mole of magnesium for every 2 moles of chloride. If you have 0.6 moles of chloride, then you have 0.3 moles of magnesium.

MgSO4 has one mole of magnesium for every one mole of SO4. That means you have 0.2 M magnesium here.

0.3 + 0.2 = 0.5 moles magnesium
formula of magnesium chloride : MgCl2
formula of magnesium sulphate: MgSO4

=> each mole of MgCl2 contains 1 mole Mg(2+) & 2 moles Cl(-)
=> if there's 0.6moles of Cl(-) are present , no. of moles of Mg(2+) present will be 0.6/2 = 0.3

each mole of MgS contains 1 mole Mg(2+) & 1 mole SO4(2-)
=> for 0.2 moles of SO4(2-) present, no. of moles of Mg(2+)present = 0.2

=> total no.of moles of Mg(2+) present = 0.3+0.2
= 0.5

=> no. of Mg(2+) ions present = 6.023 x 10^23 x 0.5
= 3.0115 x 10^23 (ans)

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