Besides H2O, are there any other naturally occuring chemicals/compounds that people can just drink down?

And I mean naturally occurring as in another organism doesn't have to produce it...I don't know much about this science stuff soI can't think of any chemicals like that...

Everything around us is a chemical.
You said no organisms, but, milk, honey, juice from a fruit, maple syrup, coconut milk,wine, beer, etc

There are no elements that are liquid and drinkable, but there are compounds and mixtures.
Actually all the liquids listed above are mixtures.
Ethyl alcohol is an organic compound and many people drink it. It can be made in the lab, and has been consumed there.
Methyl alcohol is poisonous.
There are other compounds of naturally occurring liquids.
I don't think so. Juice is a compound of water and sugars.
Then you mean another inorganic liquid.

Well, for some time mercury was used as medicine, and as a means for birth control, though it is now known that it is posionous.

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