Is PbCrO4+KI+HCl= PbCl2 + CrCl3 + KCl + I2 a correct equation?

The PbCrO4+KI+HCl= PbCl2 + CrCl3 + KCl + I2 was posted by my professor for us to balance. However, I think it is a trick question as there is a missing O atom in the reactant. I need to balance it as well, and in this case it can never be balanced. Anyone out there who knows how to correct this equation?

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You miss a important atom.It is H ,do you see it ?
and H + O I guest it may be H2O so i try it Ya it is Ok
key is
of course its not a correct have oxygen as your reactant,the you need oxygen as your product...maybe its a typo.ask your professor back for the right equation..
If this was ran in an aqueous solution, maybe he wants you to balance it with water or if basic hydroxide. Try adding H20 or OH's.

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