A small chemistry problem im not sure?

The average density of whole milk is 1.034 g cm^-3. What is its density in lb gal^-1

If you use dimentional analysis and your units cancel you cant go wrong:


1000mLx3.785Liters=8.628lb/gal (4SF)
The density of milk in lb/gal^1 is:

1.034 g/cm^3 = 8.6291482 lb/gal^1

Hope that helps!
If the density is 1.034g/cc then 1.034 is its S.G.
1 US gallon of water = 8.3lbs
8.3lbs/gal x 1.034 S.G. = 8.58 lbs/gal = density of milk.

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