A 10.0mL sample of NaCl solution has a mass of 10.416g. When the solution is evaporated to dryness,the solid?

NaCl remaining has a mass of 0.724g. What was the mass % of NaCl in the solution?

Mass percent can be found by dividing the mass of the solute, which in this case is NaCl, by the mass of the solution. Since the NaCl remaining has a mass of .724 g, and the mass of the solution is 10.416 g, the mass percent would be .724g/10.416g, which is about 6.95%. The fact that the solution has a volume of 10 mL is unnecessary to know in order to solve this problem.

Just divide 0.724 by 10.416, the total. Then convert the decimal 0.0695 to percent.
% mass NaCl = mass NaCl / total mass * 100%
% mass NaCl = 0.724g / 10.416g * 100%
% mass NaCl = 0.0695g * 100%
% mass NaCl = 6.95%

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