Which of the following molecules has a dipole moment?

A. H2
C. N2
D. Br2

well, h2, N2, and Br2 are symmetrical - the charge is the same on both atoms, so the electrical charge is evenly distributed between both. CO is two different atoms (and o is particularly electronegative, i.e, pulls electrons toward itself). this asymmetry of charge is what defines a dipole
Dipole moment is determined by a major difference in electronegativity. H2, N2, and Br2 are all Diatomic gases meaning that both atoms are the same. Because both atoms are the same, the electronegativity is the same. So no Dipole moment for those molecules.

Now, for CO you have a dipole moment between Carbon (2.5 I think) and Oxygen (3.5). There is a dipole moment there.

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