Why is sulphate or chloride or nitrate called salts?

Most salts are called sodium chloride, but there are other salts such as sodium nitrate, copper sulphate, but why are sulphate and nitrates and chlorides called salts?

It is unfortunate that the public thinks that the word "salt" refers just to sodium chloride, NaCl. It is the same as thinking that "alcohol" refers just to ethanol. The word salt means a whole family of chemicals which have all been derived from acids. The acids have had their hydrogen removed and replaced by a metal.
Most salts are not called sodium chloride rather sodium chloride is called " Salt" or common salt, due to its abundant availability and common use as food item. The definition of salt is :
Compounds formed by reaction of acids with bases. That is why sulphates product of sulphuric acid and base like sodium hydroxide or nitrate -product of nitric acid and base
or Chlorides- product of hydrochloric acid and base are all salts.

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