A day on Jupiter is 3.543 x 10^4 (4th power) seconds long & a year is 3.743 x 10^8 (8th power) seconds long.?

a) how many Earth days are equivalent to 1 day on Jupiter? b) how many Earth days are equivalent to 1 year on Jupiter? c) how many Jupiter days are there in 1 Jupiter year? thanks!

Firstly...wrong section...

But anyway:
a) 1 earth day = 86400sec, so (3.543 x 10^4)/86400 = 0.41 earth days.
b) (3.747 x 10^8)/86400 = 4337 earth days
c) (3.747 x 10^8)/(3.543 x 10^4) = 10576 jupiter days in a jupiter year.

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