A Mummy's Tomb.....?

The colors of a mummy's tomb, within the wood or gold (element composition) enclosure, was preserved for 1000's & 1000s of years, almost looking as of a recent construction.Why? How? What is the chemical composure of the colors used during those times?

Ancient Egyptian pigments tended to come from either vegetable or mineral sources. Mineral sources tended to be preferred - things like powdered malachite, cobalt, etc. and are held in a fixative depending on their intended use. As the previous responder noted, the dry, hot atmosphere of Egypt is the primary reason why such pigments have survived in some cases.
If you want particulars about composition, I suggest you look at the book Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technologies - it's quite expensive to buy, but a library should have it or should be able to get it on loan for you to look at:
Well for starters, the tombs were hermetically sealed, so you didn’t have any air exchange. Then consider that they often sealed the slaves that produced the tombs into the tombs (alive or dead). The flesh from the decomposing slaves would bind much of the oxygen and convert it to CO2. Oxidation is one of the primary chemical decomposition mechanisms.

Also Egypt is a very dry place, this dryness inhibits microbial and insect activity.

Then of course there is gold. Gold is durable even under most corrosive circumstances. Even without the special conditions found in the tombs, it is highly likely the artifacts would have survived if they were undiscovered.

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