0.959g of the acid HA is neutralized by the addition of 30.95 mL of 0.176 NaOH. Determine the molar mass of?

the acid HA?

the key equation is

mol x molar mass = mass (g)

or molar mass = mass (g) / mol of HA

first clue is to find the number of moles required to neutralize HA. hope this helps you..
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i took AP Chem this year. Unfortunately, I don't remember how to do that problem. Sorry.
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(mass/Molar mass)*1000/voln.(in ml)=molarity
or molarity*voln/1000=no. of moles=mass/molar mass
But because of neutralization, we can equate easily
so, (0.959/x)=0.176*30.95/1000
x=176 gms.

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