What can we expect in the future if the billions of poor people in the world get richer and consume more?

A significant impact but one that can be easily overlooked is the environmental impact.

Just take a look at China for an example. The world only has a finite amount of resources to sustain such a high level of consumption. There is not enough "stuff" in this world for every human being to live like an American...
Historically, we can look at the "French Revolution" as a modle for this.
I personally don't think billions of poor people will get richer, some perhaps.

The IMF/World banks was founded in 1944 & since that time only a handfull of countries have greatly improved their economy.
Please check this out:


What are the economic and social impacts of structural adjustment.

It has failed by many other measures. By and large, countries undergoing structural adjustment have not experienced economic growth, even in the medium term.

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