Did you know 5% of the u.s. population earns 95% of the money?

how do you feel about that?

You are 100% WRONG. But go ahead and congratulate yourself for being a good leftist and spreading the hate the rich mentality. (or falling for it)
I am also very amused by all the idiots who responded to this questions and actually believe the questioner's data. Apparently, that is what is meant by sophistication and nuance.


Inc. Category - 2004 AGI ---- % of all inc --- % of inc taxes
Top 1% --------- Over $328,048 --------19% -------------- 37%
Top 5% --------- Over $137,500 -------- 33% -------------- 57%
Top 10% ------- Over $99,111 ---------- 44% -------------- 68%
Top 25% ------- Over $60,040 ---------- 66% -------------- 85%
Top 50% ------- Over $30,121 ---------- 87% -------------- 97%
Bottom 50% --- Under $30,121 -------- 13% -------------- 3%
Yes. And it discourages me. And encourages me to rob banks.
That just means that those who work hard get paid..

95% of the population is not willing to put in the hard work to make the money.
Uhm. Not good? But that's how it is and talking about it isn't going to change it. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That's how our society works. It's sad, but... it's just how it is.
I would feel bad if it was true. Why don't you do 10 seconds of rearch before you pose inaccurate information in your questions. The actual number if the top 57% of earners account for 95% of earnings. A little closer to your numbers the top 2% of earners pay 50% of the taxes and the top 22% of earners pay 90% of taxes.

Do not spout propaganda just because you want it to be true. Search "income distribution" "United States" and the first 10 sites all prove you wrong.
Wait a minute did you say 'Earn' it?
Or is it 5% get in an occupation that 'skims' huge amounts from the rest of society?

Sports figures, movie stars, CEO's, etc.

[edit] Mr. desotobrave, the in-equality in wages in this country & around the world is causing the immigration problems, not only in the USA but all around the world where currency exchange rates have distorted wages to the point of mass attempted migrations from poor countries to rich countries.
I feel like you are mistaken. Look it up again. You are wrong.

Now, if it were true, I would feel that those 5% provide some service to other citizens, because that is how you get money.

Beesting, profit isn't skimming. It is providing a valued good or service and reaping the benefit.
OK - did your 'data' take into account that half the US population is under 18 and probably has no income?

I checked US Dept of Commerce data and less than 6% of all workers over 25y/o make more than $150k/yr. There is also an aggregate personal income distribution chart which shows that households with more than $150k/yr income earn 32.6% of all perconal income in the US.

So I am certain that your "5% earn and 95% of earnings" number is in error. The reality is more like 6% of the workers over 25 y/o make 32.6% of all earnings.

PS - all who answer w/o challenging the questioner's data get a TD from me. Those who challenge get a TU. Sorry - people need to think before answering.

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