Money is stupid. Why don't we just trade sea shells?

The people smart enough to raise their own sea snails deserve to be wealthy.

It would give the coastal areas something to do after the next hurricane knocks their houses down.
i bet you are broke
Get the rest of the world to agree and you'll get your wish.
Well pal, thats not good enough.
I don't live by a beach.
Sea shells would cost me money to get.
Sure thing. I'll give you a big shoebox full of sea shells (really pretty ones) in exchange for all the money you and your family have.
because there are zillions of sea shells everywhere.
and too much $ = inflation

duhh. lol
I have a drawer full of sea shells. How much money are you willing to give me for them?
because its still gonna be a currency aint it we still gonna have all the same problems we do now. it doesnt matter if u use say bread u still gonna hve more people who will bweable to afford to bake more than others. therefore having more money.
Shalom Shabbat. Yes I agree, paper currency should be banned since it can be easily counterfieted. Plastic debit and credit cards are the way to go and more importantly protects the environment by saving trees.
Willl someone puhleeeeeeeeease think of all the poor people living inland?
well i agree money is the cause of lot of problems .if we raised our own sea shells life wold be simpler ...i could work from home ,no deadlines,no work body would die hungary.could spend more time with my kid ...maybe more family time....well im in lol
sea shell's are hard to find when people live in country where aren't any shells.i think rocks would be better
money is but a figment of your image-E-nation it is but pretty numbers in the sky - trade sea shells - smart - best
no change involved then
however could you invent a system that didn't trade for goods
if we were all good children then couldn't we just share out the toys nicely

couldn't everyone start with the same
- oh but some don't work - they steal -they cheat
DO THEY or is that the way of the game that's played
i dabble in both worlds the rich and the poor and the tears are all the same...

maybe one man is destined to make really good coffee it is his job to insure his talent benefits his community -
Using peer pressure not fueling it.

A leader is only as strong as its weakest link
could we not step into another world to gamble could we just have it as a game to teach - numbers!?
yeah coins, they roll and their heavy. hey, Id be f#ckn rich, we're near the beach.
Don't you think it odd that central banks all over the world claim to store Gold to back their paper currency?

Why would they be doing that?

Well it's my opinion that the real money is still Gold, and has been for thousands of years.

Well, that would make the sea shells money, then wouldn't it!

Money is simply the most marketable good in an economic area. (i.e., the most common unit of exchange) Many things have been used as money.

The reason why no one uses sea shells is simply because they're not useful to very many people. Hence, if you gather some, you need to go through a lot of people in order to locate somone who will give you their goods for seashells. If you're determined to use the sea as a sorce of money, fish might be a better alternative, as people can actually eat fish. (And thus there is a demand for fish).

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