How dose culture affect economic development?

i know that it affects govt, education, foods sold, trade, education, work etc. but can anyone give more in depth?

One big effect comes from the the religious or cultural view on paying interest on loans. Christians use to hold and Islam, to some extent, still does that collecting interest is immoral. Since loans are an important way to raise money for investment, such a believe retards the growth of industry.
Traditional societies discourage the participation of women in the work force outside the home or even educating them.
Some societies look down on people who do manual labor (peasants), or of different race or ethnicity, and believe they should be kept in their place which results inefficient use of labor
culture affects it i so many ways i don;t even want to think about because culture will affect everything in a society, including its economic development
yes i agree culture affects all facets of economic develoment:

gov't - conservative, moderate, liberal, is it based on religious views? ok then answer the question what are the gov't objectives (health, education, welfare, development, curruption)

ok and another one :

education - what are the primary focus of studies (ie. do children follow in the footsteps of parents or more often are free to choose their own path (east vs western culture) and at that is there a continual brain drain or sapping of education to other countries or a specialization of professionals (ie. india and computers) and then economic development follows

you can do this for every possible facet of a society and relate it back to economic development as it is the cornerstone for a successful society.
Economic development is the result of choices that a society makes. Every country has a certain amount of capital, labor and natural resources. It has to choose how to use the factors that it has, and its decisions will determine who gains and who loses, from an economic standpoint.

Culture will have a direct impact on these choices, because each society has its own values, beliefs and objectives. If your culture promotes saving today, so that you will have money tomorrow, then this will affect your country's economy. On the other hand, if your culture values immediate gratification by spending what you have now (or even borrowing to pay for it), then your economy will be affected in a different way.

In short, people make choices about economic development, and their choices depend upon their culture.

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