Can you see the future of the dollar?

I personally think dollar value can rejuvenate ,and the correction is going to start to reverse, throw in your opinion.

300 billion dollar deficits year after year after year. that means the government must print 300 billion dollars every year to make up for not taxing enough. That means inflation with the dollar becoming worth less and less.Until the government takes in as much as it spends or more the dollar will continue it's slide.
I think the dollar is going down. It might go up for a bit, but I think it's doomed.
a dollar will be worth 25 cents because of the inflation
Can I see the future of the dollar? Let me peer into my crystal ball. Ahhhh . . . it's starting to appear . . . it's . . . it's . . . it's a EURO!!
Since 1971 the dollar has been losing value continuously. Sometimes slowly sometimes at a faster pace.
The USA is in a precarious position right now because many of our dollars are overseas.
If these overseas dollars are sold off for Gold or other currencies,,,,,prices will go up.


Too many dollars have been put into circulation.
It can only go up.

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