How unemployment can be reduced ?

there are various ways to reduce unemployment some of them are
1) rural development programme
2) skill development
3) entrepreneurship devlopement
Lower the minimum wage. Encourage business growth by cutting taxes for corporations.
By making those who chose not to work for no other reason than they are lazy, get a job.

No work no money.

Simple init
Create more jobs! Which can be accomplished by creating an atmosphere which is friendly to businesses which usually means tax breaks or cuts.
I suppose this question warrants a standard economics answer.
By increasing inflation.
What kind of jobs will be available for us . In Texas they just close another plant (1000's out of work) (they make chips the kind, you eat) and open new factories overseas.
I see ,only medical , law and food services available and car repair. We won't be producing or manufacturing anything in the U.S. in the years to come. We will be dependent on the rest of the world. We could become a 3rd world country.
Work, however jobs in America are being resource out, we need to change Washington first then we will see clearly to put America back to work.
Lowering the minimum wage would increase empoyment among highly unskilled workers, allowing them to become skilled. Lower tax rates would also help.

However, I think we are very near full employment, practically speaking.

Being inter-dependent with other countries is a good thing. The most self-sufficient peoples in the world are the poorest. You want economic independence? Take a look at the National Geographic Channel.
First we have to understand there is always going to be some unemployment., then we have to agree on what an acceptable figure is. Right now unemployment is lower then it has been in a long, long time so maybe we can not expect it to go much lower.We have employers in many fields looking for employees. Part of this is because Americans do not want to fill the jobs available and are able to not work because of welfare programs. Thus, the need for importing workers or exporting jobs. I am not saying we should not have welfare programs, they definitely have a purpose, but sometimes they make it too easy not to work. We also have to accept the fact some jobs are just not worth the amount of hourly wage the minimum wage dictates. By not allowing the economy to free float Jobs are sent out of the country where employees can perform the work at a much lower rate of pay, or employers find people who sneak into the country and will accept much less money under the table to do the work. We have legislated and worked our self into a very dangerous position and rather then seeing more employment in the future may very well see less. We expect low prices and high wages but these are not always compatible, thus jobs are going away. We can not continue to be consumers and not producers. Basic economics are starting to come into play, and I believe we are going to see heavy unemployment in the near future before we will see much more drop in unemployment
One way would be to not give jobs to illegals. That would free up some jobs for citizens and legals. But you have to understand that some people are just plain lazy and don't want to work. In the Soviet Union, they used to have less than one percent unemployment. If someone didn't have a job, the government gave them one. Street sweeper or some other glorious job, but it was a job.
1)You can cause inflation.


2) Productivity can increase.

Some politically non-viable solutions.
Eliminating the minimum wage would also reduce unemployment.
Eliminating labor unions would also reduce unemployment.
If no more changes are made by increasing the overall energy supply to the economy. Economic output is an almost lineal function of the energy supply.

If thats not an option you can always destroy high paying jobs and replace them with lots of minimum wage jobs. Not enough? Eliminate the minimum wage then, make working as close as possible to slavery. Otherwise prepare to be called "lazy" by a fat investment banker that reads a few reports every day when he is not snorting cocaine from a hooker's ***.

New investments, economic "stimulus" packages, tax cuts, trade agreements, etc, wont work unless more physical energy is available to do work.

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