Africa, we eat large amount of food in the morning,same thing in the afternoon,evening,does this cause Poverty

I grow up and travelled many countries in Africa, this is what I have noticed, in our Continent Africa, our intake of 3 daily diet is larger compared to Asia etc, are we spending or wasting alot of money in food? Is this what cause or contribute poverty in our Continent? Zimbabwe Gov recently tried to cut the prices on imported goods to save the consumers pocket - should many African Government consider designing price control on imported food? Please answer me the first question and give me opinion on the 2nd question - Thank you!

It would seem that if they have the money to buy food or to plant seeds for their food then that is not the cause of poverty.

I don't know the rate of inflation in Africa but if the prices on imported items have gone up far above the rest of the goods for sale then it might be good to have the government control prices. But usually a non-controlled market due to competition will bring the prices down. So, if a merchant sells and item for $1 USA and the other sells the same item at 98 cents that will be the one people will buy from and he will be making more money in the long run because he sold more items than the one who sold that item for a dollar.
Seeing that almost all the Africans I've met or seen in my travels - tens of thousands at last count - are remarkably slender, I'd have to question your suggestion that y'all eat large amounts of food - at least, compared to the average North American. We're the world's worst gluttons by far, as evidenced by the fact that a larger percentage of our population is obese than that of any other population on the globe.
No, I don't think the average African's diet contributes to poverty (Is there really any such thing as an "average" African?)
However, I'm afraid I'm not enough of an economist to judge whether Zimbabwe's efforts are going to be good or bad for the people of that nation. All I can say is, I wish them well.
cool. what do you mean by 3 daily diet, is that 3 daily meals? i never been to africa, im curious as to what its like there. i heard people there are very poor and most never get fed and people die by the millions daily. since you say most people have 3 daily diets, which i assume to 3 meals- where is all the charity money going from usa to is a good question to ask. do people pay taxes in africa cause i dont know how they are going to cut prices.

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