About india economie how it devlpoe in last 50 year?

aboyt india gdp and national income and how our company is growing than other.

In the last 50 years, India has made a remarkable achievement: India has been successful in achieving a much slower rate of economic growth than many other Asian countries. As a result, the per capita income of countries like China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand is now much higher than the per capita income in India, though these countries were poorer than India 50 years ago.
In the last 50 yaers India has developed in a distorted manner with considerable oppression of the common people by the political classes and this continues. For over three decades, the govt., the bureacracy and the elite classes made plans and plans and delivered vert little economic growth with rising percentage of population getting into below poverty income level. The economic banrutcy that 40 years of economic planning of command economy led India to1990-9, however, exposed the hollowness of Govt. dependent economic development: just to wash out their hands of their past mistakes and false claims, they let certain degree of economic freedom for common Indians. As a result in the last 15 years, India has been able to come out of the banrupt situation and make a much faster economic progress. Still, the govt. and political parties are against Indians making runaway economic sucess and therefore putting as many impediments as possible so that India does not achieve more than 10% economic growth per year : this is the only way the outmodedand negatively productive class can remain in power.
India ranks among the poorest nations in terms of gdp ($800 per year per head against $35,000 for advanced developed countries and $ 42,000 for USA and $1600 for China. This great success cannot be termed as shame because the politicians think that this is a great achievement.
After 50 years we continue to have more devisive problems, greater magnitude of environment problems, acute dependance on foreigners for technology, fuel and capital inflow, more severe health care problem, shortage of electricity, etc. Thanks to economic planning. And, we still block faster economic growth by continued economic planning.

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