Beesting, could you please contact me?

I know this isn't an econ question, but this user likes this section so I am putting it here.

Beesting, I'd like to send you an email, but you have it blocked. If you could, please contact me though my profile. If you don't want to, I understand.

(Oh, and 2% inflation is a Year over Year average. It does not mean 24% annually. Economists are not that stupid. If prices were rising 2% a month everyone would know and be screaming...)

I'm here brother, go ahead. Unless it's a long question all the readers can learn from you.. at the top of this page...{smile}
[edit] My last computer is currently sitting here frozen up beside me because too many of the e-mail posters had something wrong with their computers & passed it to me, I would very much like to discuss economics with you after seeing your profile...but millions of people scan these answer boards.

I will add that I am a business major & did get good grades in economics,,,, and learned a lot by reading Congressman Ron Pauls 'money book' published in 1991.

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