What are the chances of voluntary simplicity becoming the dominant lifestyle?

Will everybody live this way?

slim to none, unfortunately.

I wish more people would, excess and waste is so ubiquitous and enraging to me. . .

whoa there are too many reasons to list here.

Politics aside. One I will point out is that people's identities are wrapped up in things, from clothes, to cars, to homes, and people are busy working themselves to death for these things, signs of success, comfort and convenience. My god look at the lines for the iphone. . .

Another stumbling block is that people don't know how to do things for themselves, and so many more products are "cheap"(low price, long term impact in terms of labor, environment, etc.) and disposable. You don't fix things, you throw them away(where ever that may be) and buy another one because sweat shop labor is cheap enough and you don't know how to repair it, or they've constructed it in a way that it is essentially unrepairable.

But in the not too distant future, we will be forced to live this way, those that survive anyway!

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