Are we products of capitalism or is capitalism a product of us?

We created the monster and now pay the price
i feel that capitalism is first a result of us because obiviously humans were first. Capitalism is just a snowball effect of one trait in everyperson magnified and collected together enough to be reocognized
Squirrels store acorns, are they capitalists? We started capitalism when we first settled down into communities. Therefore we created the beast.
Capitalism was created by us but it now "creates"/changes/modifies us... meaning that now our point of view is changing to a more capitalistic view. Now, more people are trying to become their own boss, sieze a higher position and this keeps pushing everyone else to try to achieve a higher standard of living. that is the product of capitalism. Those who were once poor are now driven to become someone important and obtain stature in today's society. Sure we created it, but it now controls us.
Very good and interesting question. The logically correct answer is that Capitalism is the product of us, our physical and mental capabilities and applications including emotions. With human beings developing themseves in a particular way Capitalism could not have emerged. So, we are not the products of Capitalism, just like Communist are the products of Communism. If China is now developing fast by gradually shedding communism, it is not because they are the product of market economics or capitalism, but because they are human beings with all human traits that leads to beneficial exchange, market mechanism and capitalism.
capitalism is an idea of humans so capitalism is a product intellect one of humans.
Nether. We are products of many cultural elements: family, educational system, capitalism, rule of law, democracy, racial and gender (in)equalities, etc. We, in turn, effect changes in those elements; all of them, not just capitalism...

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