Could the Dow Jones Industrial Average be fictional?

What with sophisticated computer programming and hidden geo-political agendas nowadays, is it at all POSSIBLE that the DJIA and other stock indices are mask a technically bankrupt society? If such manipulations were done, would theose who orchestrated the scam be heroic, if a Great Depression, anarchy and chaos were avoided successfully?

Pulling this digital string would require corporations, media, and government to all be in together to fool the common man. The numbers used the calculate the major stock exchanges are of public knowledge, and would not take a rocket scientist to calculate. A pencil and a piece of paper would be enough to do this.
There are many conspiracy theories floating around today, and many of these come from individuals who have little or no knowledge as to what they are talking about. The media fuels some these theories with bias reporting, an inserting their own ideology with in there articles and journals. This alone should be cause enough to get a bunch of journalist arrested. Please, research everything completely that you have a concern with.
The DJIA existed before computers... In much the same way it does today. Just because computer make things faster and more secure doesn't mean there is a global conspiracy to fake it... What would be the point anyway? And how would it translate? You're saying that everyone's money is fake? If people trade things with it, it is money.

I really don't understand how you think the DJIA or other indexes could be fake. Please elaborate.
The index is based on the success of the largest corporations in the country. When it goes up it shows that our large companies are successful. While this cannot be an accurate indicator for the economy as a whole, it can indicate corporate growth.
True, there is more dishonesty in society than is desirable. However, the inventors/calculators of the most commonly used indices post the calculations and index components online for anyone to see. Thus, those with time on their hands can sit down with a wall street journal, a pencil, and paper- and yes a pencil and paper are all that are needed (no computing power beyond basic arithmetic is involved)- and do the calculations.

The next line of inquiry is if all media outlets, corporations, and governement are also in cahoots and report the same fictitious stock prices for the component stocks. To answer this, one need only put one's money where one's mouth is and buy the stocks at the end of the trading day. The price that you pay will always be within a few cents of the price of large, liquid stocks becasue of timing differences, changes in the bid/ask spread, ect.

If you are looking for a good conspiracy theory, you are not going to find it in the pedestrian calculation of indices that are monitored every day by billions of people around the world.
It is pretty easy to re-create the DJIA with a spreadhseet and the formula they use to weight the individual stocks.

As a matter of fact, I have such a spreadhseet at work and it is updated real-time. And many ETFs and mutual fund companies do the same.

So to fake the DJIA you'd have to fake all the stock prices too.

Are you into conspiracy theories?
Why just rig the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
On the sub-atomic level, all matter breaks down into the digital.
It is a digital universe, after all, and come to think about it, nobody else even exists besides you.
No, the average is easily calculatable by any person with a Wall Street Journal and a calculator.

It is just a stock index. Stock prices are set by people trying to buy said stock.

If you're asking whether stock prices are inflated, that is a different question.
No, you can check with a calculator. Its not rigged but "artificially" inflated by an excess of investments and demand for stocks. In principle the stock market should not grow faster than the economy and if it does continuosly for several decades... you have a crash in the horizon.

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