Did governments exist before currency?

was there any form of currency used before the existence of governments? if so could you please give examples and list sources if possible

Modern Govts. were not there when currency came into being in crude form. Many Kings and emperors had minted coins much before govt.s came in to the picture. Soo after human beings started exchange of goods and services through barter system they realised the need for a medium of exchange to overcome the difficulties of barter system The word "Money" comes from Latin, the language of the Ancient Romans. Its first coins weren't all round. Some were shaped like pie wedges. Cuneus, gives us the English word "Coin". It actually was created by people to use for the exchange of things they wanted. Currency is the creation of a medium of exchange based on a store of value . The first stage of currency was when metals were used to represent different values of things. Currency was made from a variety of metal objects around 5000 B.C. Later, around 700 B.C., the Lydians became the first to make coins in the Western World. They used metal because it was always available, easy to work with, and it could be recycled . In the past, they used salt, tea, tobacco, cattle, and seeds as money . Coins and bills came to be later on, but the early people in different places used all kinds of different materials and methods as tokens for trade. They would usually choose something rare or valuable so that others would want it. In Ancient Ethiopia, blocks of salt could be traded for anything. About 4000 years ago, the Chinese, who valued fine metal tools, made miniature copper spades, swords, and hoes as symbols of the real things to use as money.
Governments have always come before currency because there has to be order for everyone to use the currency.
When you start asking questions like this real life gets fuzzy. Tribal councils are governments in that case then gov was way before currency. Now if it is governments of multiple tribes then it becomes close. the oldest currency I have heard of is shells that it is believed served as currency about 10k years ago. the biggest thing is you don't need money in a family group but then again you don't really need a "government"; but if you have a gov then you have multi-groups of people interacting and you can't haul around everything you own to trade so you need some form of currency.
Well, I am pretty old but not that old...{smile}..
The 'Barter' system was in affect long before any type of recognized government came into being.

When bartering the object that is bartered is a form of money because if I exchanged say a cow for some sheep, I could turn around and trade the sheep for apples, wheat, or Gold.

Eventually Gold became universal money because it had the best long lasting qualities of any medium of exchange.
Through the ages it served to keep politicians honest!
Because, unlike un-backed paper dollars,Gold cannot be printed into circulation at the whims of power mad politicians.
Thank you.
Currencies began as the most commonly accepted good in a society. In European societies, gold and silver were the currency of choice.

Governments started printing their own currencies, with stolen gold from their wars, around 500 BC or so, to finance more wars. Rome actually fell because they started reducing the amount of precious metal that was actually in their coins and the money's value decreased, while the price controls that the Romans had set (due to ignorance about economics that persists to this day) held prices below market levels, leading to a food shortage and to Diocletian turning all the Romans into slaves.

Governments had nothing to do with the start of currencies, though their propagandists love to take credit for it, just as they take credit for everything else. The only "public goods" governments have ever provided are wars, genocides, and bad economic policies that lead to famines and depressions.

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