What's the secret behind the success of the Spanish economy?

I just checked recently in wikipedia that Spain is now the 8th largest economy in the world(They're now richer than Canada and expect to surpass Italy this year) and in 3 or 4 more years analyst expect Spain to surpass Germany (The Spanish president himself said this). And I've been wondering how they're managing to do so well so fast?. One thing I found out is that the biggest companies in latin america are own by spaniards.

Here's a link so you can find out more:

Do you think there's another factor why Spain is becoming richer and richer?

I agree with Lavidasi...I also live in Spain although I am not Spanish, What we have seen in recent years is the tremendous infrastructure being put in place, ie the new motorways and links and the high speed train. Even little villages in the middle of nowhere are getting subsidies for new roads, street lighting and grants for improving older properties. This is due to mainly, money coming from the EEC which Spain is not contributing to at the moment.
It will be interesting to see what happens when Spain has to make contributions herself.
Regarding the tourism industry, Spanish delegates are everywhere promoting their country and not just the coastal resorts. Inland tourism is up by 27% this year
Have a look at this site it's very interesting it gives Spain's trade balance for 2006 and other statistics
its because of thier tacos yummm
Well, I looked at the article. I am from Spain and I live in the middle of nowhere in TX. I make much more money that any of my friends in Spain. I am building my first home. Something that is very difficult in Spain. I love my country, Spain. But, the president we have now there is the worst of the worst. By they way... Spanish wine, food etc was always good. It is now when it is being recognized.
I wish that was true,because i'm from spain.The "success "is based on 3 sectors:
1.construccion:They build more houses than all europe together
2Immigration:more people,more busnisses
3Tourism:Spain is the 2 worldwide tourist destination.

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