Are you sick and tired of ballooned prices and inflation?

Now I do not profess to be an economics genius but I do understand supply and demand. However, I have been doing a lot of thinking on this off and on and I have come to this if consumers were, an a large scale, stop and consider the ACTUAL value of what they are purchasing and turn to suppliers and simply refuse to pay the prices being charged would this not have the reverse effect on inflation? I realize there are 2 seperate questions here but I am really curious.

There is a lot of confusion on the aspects of inflation. The media tends to focus on those prices that are rising rapidly -- like houses and gas.

But, on average, consumer prices have been rising at about 2 or 3 percent per year over the last several years. We have not seen such slow inflation in many, many years.

Look at the price of computers and cell phones for example. They have been declining for the most part for several years. Also, look at the TV. In 1950, you got this little, little, black and white screen for a small fortune. Now, you get a huge, flat screen, high-definition color TV for only a little more money.
SICK TO DEATH! Can you believe the price of a house and car alone these days? How are the young people starting out ever going to have their shot at the "American Dream"? Trouble is, everything is so over priced that you can hardly find anything that is priced according to what it is worth. I shop for bargains and do without a lot of things and buy inferior brands because I refuse to pay some of the prices. Also shop at places like Wal-Mart on things that I have to have. Happily driving a 1980 diesel VW Rabbit--- about 45 mpg. Got rid of our 2005 Dodge Ram 4x4 p/u truck. Not worth the fuel or insurance. This isn't out of protest. It's called survival!

Just sign me---Retired and going no-where!
is this a trick question? of course, who isn't. actually, we are to blame as we are the consumers who vote each & every day. everytime we buy we give a vote of confidence that it's ok to increase prices. want to do something & be heard? only buy what's needed & put back on the shelf what you don't need, can do without. the general public is the most powerful group of people on the earth & don't think producers, industrialists, marketeers don't know this. they won't come out & tell you but they are very aware of this. we make or break a product. we make or break prices. if a product sits on a shelf long enough, know what? it either disappears or price is lowered. remember the prices of breakfast cereal? prices kept going up until one manufacturer dared to lower his brand. when the general public bought only his product & left the others, all other cereals lowered theirs. also, about 15-20 years ago, the cabbage patch dolls' price went though the roof because the public bought the doll at any price until a ceiling was finally reached (that & most people bought all that they wanted). within two short weeks, they couldn't give the damn dolls away at near bottom prices. we are the world! we are the consumers! we control the purse & don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
Capitalism is a two edged sword, supply and demand are it's fuel. The market place is it's stamping grounds. However! the middle man and Governments is it's downfall, as they are the cause of real inflation! very low input into a product, but very high returns in the guise of price hiking and unfair taxation decisions! Thus inflationary trends become the norm! Have a good day.
Todays generation has been raised with convenience being a big factor in their lives. Every thing is altered to make life easier, wether it does or not is usually a different story. But this generation is used to the convenience of going to department stores, shopping centres, suppermarkets and getting all of their supplies from one place and getting them when ever they run out. The majority are not used to buying in bulk, rationing, re-using, producing their own or going direct to farmers etc. It would be almost imposible to change the populations spending habits and get them to buy from farmers, but if they did, i imagine the farmers would be better off and we would all have cheaper produce.
Yes I am... I am sick and tired of our president (Presindent Gloria Arroyo). She is the president of the Philippines. Ever since she illegally replaced Earp, the prices have increased and our currency has suffered inflation for more than 6 years. She moved for the E - VAT or Expanded Value Added Tax that increased the prices of goods. She sold the people to her campaign contributor, the Lopez group. Because of her and her constant incompetence, our currency inflated which resulted to having expensive gasoline and diesel. Thus further ballooning the prices of our goods and services. as if the E - VAT wasn't enough.

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