About economic opportunities? help?

what are the different economic opportunities here in asia?. given the chance, would you grab these opportunities offered outside your country? why or why not?.. help!!

Economic opportunities are everywhere in Asia, in UK, in Canada, in the Gulf. What I should do is first assess my strength and capabilities and weaknessess. Second, I must try to improve my skills and strengths and overcome my weaknessess as far as possible. Then I should explore the places where opportunities are available for the use of my capabilities and strengths. Next, from these places I should choose those places where the compensation and rewards for a person like me are the most attractive. Next, I should select from the list those places, I would like to live and be happy. Then, I should try to get into one of those places which I had selected. For most persons however, the best place is the place where he is born and brought up because most people do not like strage places. See the movie Namesake and try to explore what goes on your mind in respect of this choice. Note that a person should have the right to be anywhere in the World and compete. These separation of countries/ nations are arbitrary and unjustified.
Your question does not make much sense. It is too vague. That's like asking, "where can I work in the US?"

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