How much is the Earth actually worth, if it had to be given a dollar or stirling costing?

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This is truly a awesome question, very difficult to answer for so many reasons.

So how is Earth worth, please show your working.

I would say the Earth is worth a lot more money than is on the Earth. If you took every form of money, added it together with the resources found on the planet, and could find a buyer, the price would be unheard of. A number that only the mathematicians would be familiar with. The major rub is that we don't know of any other intelligent life forms that would have any interest in buying our planet. So, if you can't sell, how much is it really worth? Nothing at all.
I believe the first digit is 1 but the zeros would go on into infinity. Leaving it worth more than imagined.

it just is
Why. Do you want to do sell it or buy it.. Just think of all the taxes and government regulations you would to go through.

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