Certainly not capita, and no resource that is abundanl nor land, in small poor nations not even labor.DIscuss.

" The worlds poorest countries cannot find anything to export. t-certainly not capitaThere is no resource that is abundanl nor land, and in small poor nations not even labor is abundant."

Usually abundance is defined as a ratio so land capital or labor must be abundant. The lack of capital and resources are obvious in a poor nation and if the land is insufficient to feed the population land is also scarce. However in the most poverty stricken nations there are few workers compared to the population size because of high birthrates and wide spread illness which incapacitates much of the work force so labor is also scarce.
All of coutries have resources even the poorest one. the problem is they don't knnow how to properly utilized them. Human resources is the most important productive resources and in thirld world countries, people are undeveloped and most of them were abused by the first world countries.

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