Coming from a wealthy family is "ESSENTIAL" or very important to getting AHEAD.What do you feel??

By getting ahead I mean economic mobility.
It is the responsibility of the government to reduce differences
in income.

It is true that to be rich in resources is essential for getting ahead . Particularly for economic mobility coming from a wealthy family is very important although it may not be essential. There are too many restrictions for persons coming from not so affluent families. For example choice of course of study, place/university to be joined, locality to be selected for residence and then exposure to the advanced technologies etc. gets restricted or constrained for poor people. But, it is not possible to obstruct the intelligence or knowledge for too much length of time. Hence, economic affluence is very important but not essential for getting ahead.
shouldn't it..
everything is more competitive now..
it's possible that although you are the heir of a huge company
that you are not that best person to do that job and that that there are other people out there that are more qualified and know more than you

so it sort of is essential to get ahead so that you are more knowable and gain experience early

and it's unfair to take money from the rich and give to the poor
when the rich people who were the ones to make money
and if there is a certain amount that needs to ne taken away.. then there isn't a point to having the company grow if they will not profit from it

so now a days the gap from rich and poor is extremely large
and only 1% of the US are considered extremely wealthy
Why should govt. reduce the difference. Why should the rich people be penalized as it is we pay so much taxes. I would totally agree that coming from wealthy family is very important for getting started in life. and you have to remember that rich people work very hard to earn the money and save money for their why should the govt. step in. If the poor people want to get rich ...start providing excellent education system to the poor kids. yes, govt can definitely do something regarding this. But that's not going to happen so soon which is very sad.
Since I understood only the first part to your question, I'll respond to that one only. It is neither essential nor is it important that you 'get ahead'. Whatever your parents or significant others in your life have demonstrated to you by their words or actions, would give you some idea as to how important or essential it is to be as good as they are. If your parents are/were sensitive, caring and responsible parents, you should know what is essential and very important in your life. I trust they would agree with anything you decide/decided as long as it's what you want. Many times, money has nothing to do with personal well being nor does it have anything to do with being successful. for example, innumerable people are successful yet have not surpassed theirs or someone else's perception of having achieved great wealth.
Coming from a wealthy family is NOT essential or very important. You can earn your own money. It's up to you how much you earn by the choices you make in your life.

In the US it is definitely NOT the governments responsiblity to reduce differences in income. We are not a socialist country.
To a large extent it was "yes "a few years back.
but the situation has changed recently.
not that all those with the sort of bckgorund you mentioned have moved forward.
most of those who have done it well have done it by the drive from within.
the government can do much less or nothing at all.
those who drive on a crutches of family wealth are a burden and those who drive it better create wealth for themselves and others.
regards Vasan
In the United States this is definitely not the case. The main thing that controls whether you are going to get ahead here is education. Any person here is able to get as far as they are willing to work for.

The government reducing the differences in income is bad for everyone. Besides lowering the standard of living for the entire country, it reduces the incentive to work harder and get an education, creating more long term problems.
I feel yes ,But it mostly depend on your merit &capability.
If you read history well please find out where are the descendents of all the Rajas and Nawabs.Many are on the roads without hope to raise nor fear to fall.The talents of individuals are always important for progress.Dont depend on the wealth given by your ancestors.Create your own wealth
Dont give fish,teach how to fish.
government has a responsibility to ensure social justice to all citizens. but it does not mean that the income of all citizens should be equal. it can be like, equal opportunity to be provided to all citizens.
None of these two guarantees success alone. Both of them have +ve &-ve impacts. Or else the people who 've been successful in life would 've come from one category only which is not true.

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