2025 - Would India become a Super Power?

India is the 2nd fastest gowing economies in the world.
8% growth rate
expected to touch 9-10% PA
Intelligent population.
Young over 50% in the youth segment ( 16-25)
Mergers & Acquisitions happenning in all verticals
Strong Minded.
How do we do it?

India now does not need super power status. We need ..
self reliance
more secured economy
removal of poverty and deadly deceases that we have ( Malaria/ TB/AIDS)
kill the terrorism
develop more manufacturing industry ( Not IT alone)
remove corruption
Improve more efficient military power - having MIG's and Sukhoi's does not help us protecting from our enemies, we need some advanced military equipments like F16's and so on think of Chinees who are just waiting for a GOOD time !
we need to invest more on anti missile shield like the US planning to have now.

we lack in many things that western world has mainly the infrastucture. we need to over come all these things - a lot of things to do

remember America the so called super power shaken by terrorism
Sorry to burst your balloon, but I do not think India will ever become a super power, for many reasons...
First your alphabetisation is only around the 58%. And I don`t even talk about literates %... Your country is among the most corrupted in the world (even before China, which is dire to say the least...), your society is stuck in a time warp concerning social strata and caste systems that perpetuate an unproductive cycles, where poor remain poors and rich become richer!!ΒΈ
And the last reason, and not the least, is that your country will miss ressources vital to your developments. First, today the north of India is getting flooded, because the snow in the hymalaya mountain range are melting at an alarming rate. This floodings will continue for some years, but after it finished, your river will dry out and fresh water supplies in India will collapse. Heavy industries that requires a lot of water to work, will move out, and polutions will increase to so high level, that your filtration system will not even be capable to filter it...

All in all, with over 1 billion peoples to feed, your country will be doomed to regulate its population to much lower count. And by this, I mean it will drop VERY much!!
This is what will happen in 25 years.
WHy Such a Doubt..India will be the Super Power not by 2025 but by 2020..itself
military superpower, doubt it, ecnomic superpower, doubt it, maybe within top 4 economies of the world. knowledge superpower, maybe. superpower means considerably better than the second best and i don't think it will. india has only made giant strides in IT and producing engineering students.
other scientific areas and infrastructure is not great.
china and america will be the only two super power !
Indian Politician never make Super Power in the World because they always looking their benifit's.
I hope India would become a super power but I don't think that will ever happen. India is too corrupt, and the gap between the poor and the rich is getting bigger. 2025 is only 18 years away and India is stuck in the 1940's is some areas.
please somebody tell kripakaran (answerer) that Sukhoi that he is talking is more advanced tha F16. We improted sukhoi from russia man. We already had f16....

We dont need to import but strengthen out own HAL to make advanced aircraft fighter machines. we got brains, we got resources we have everything including the hurdle (politics all shoulder to shoulder maa ki laudi)
Never. First solve the political problems with your neighbouring countries, erradicate corruption, build industry, provide jobs and houses to poor, reduce the gap between rich and poor, build dams, only then you can have prosperity in your country. Talking about becoming a supper power, dont ever think of that. It took you 60 years to solve the problem of Kashmir how can you resolve other problems you are facing when on all four sides your neighbours do not trust you and always posing threats of terrorism.

Who are your trusted friends in world. Pl do not tell me China, Russia or US. They are all opportunists just looking after their own interest. Becoming a supper power it is a dream first set your home right by solving the odd issues lingering on for decades. Just take example of Russia, during occupation of Afghanistan their economy had crippled, poeple were in long queues to buy things in ration shops, when he withdrew, only in ten years they are now able to take solid stands in all fields, atleast those long queues have disappeared and they are now better off. It is only a dream to become supper power which will never happen in our life.
i believe they can be a economic powerful country. as for military super power, thats highly unlikely while America still top that. India is the longest capitalistic government which has never really went to war, so i dont believe its in their nature to do wars.
I think that there are more important things to worry about like the present and all the chaos in india that need to be resolved.
NO, 2025. maybe 2015 India become a super power
2020 tak
It will be question after 2025, how can you eradicate the blind faith and beliefs from the Indian society, what about the corrupt politicians? what about the bureaucracy that came into being in British Era? that are so many loop wholes , as a whole without uprooting all these dream of super power in 2025 will be dream.
Super power is a western notion to psychologically dictate the world (poor nations) of their aims and policies. If there is a super power naturally there will be lesser powered nations and there will be conflicts always (mostly negative conflicts, say wars,terrorism, piracy, stealing and thefts,murders,rapes and all violence).Instead of the term super power it will be good to term it as leading power which will lead poor nations into prosperity.
India can be super power because india has largest miltary forces and its produce lots of goods like clothes,coal,oil,gas,gold etc.indian economy is getting better .
india`s gdp gets up to 1 trillion.

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