Discuss both the economics and the poltical economy of this viewpoint.?

There is no point in the U.S. complaining about trade policies in Japan and Europe. Each country has a right to do whatever is in its own best interest. Instead of complaining about foreign trade policies, the U.S. should let other countries go their own way, and give up our own prejudices about free trade and follow suit.

The U.S. tries to have other countries change their policies so they benefit the U.S. yes, other countries have a right to do what ever they want within their sovereign territory economically and politically. The U.S. policies use economic pressures (tariffs, embargoes, designation of most favored nation status) and political pressures (treaties, alliances, war) to help the American economy. So they are doing what they think is in their best interest. And some times they make the wrong choices.

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