Can governments make global markets more competitive?


in reality they can not. either a market has the properties to be competitive or not. (these are the typical ones many sellers, buyers, increasing AC at market eqm etc). However, there are two points that should be made. The first main problem is currently gov are involved in markets making them less competitive then they could be so govs can make markets more competitive if they stopped interference. they only is in markets that are not naturally competitive do to few sellers or buyers the govs can make the market look more competitive by restricting competition which would have lead to consolidation leading to artificially having more buyer or sellers thereby it looks like more comp
To be competitive, one must attract customers. Some do it by word of mouth from satisfied consumers. Most suppliers/producers advertise. They let potential customers know who/where they are, and what product/service they provide.
Governments get the word out about what their nations produce and provide.

YES! Governments can make global markets more competitive. It is a good way for societies to share with each other.

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