Consumer Optimum?

Can someone explain example would be great..

Means the consumer has maximized his budget totally. This has three main variables. Income, Utility, and indifference.
Income: Total Household income.
Utility: Bills you must pay. example: electric, food, gas
Indifference: Things you want. golf clubs, clothes, movie

There are many models on the net to show how price, income, consumption, etc., can change your consumer optimum. The idea being to increase your indifference level by lowering your utility or increasing your income.

I hope that helps, it is the basic version.
In economics, consumer ptimum is defined as the particular allocation of the consumers income budgetted for expenditure in a given period among various items of consumption, that would maximize the satisfaction or the utility of the consumer. In other words, any change from the optimum allocation of household budget to increase the consumption of one item at the expense of another item would lead to a fall in the satisfaction or utility of the consumers. Optimum allocation gives the greatest satisfaction. Clearly, the optimum will vary from consumer to consumer depending on the tastes and preferences, the income limit and the prices of different consumer goods.

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