Definition of Industry?

Industry refers to system of activities performed mainly in the secondary sector with the objective to earn profit. Industry includes small scale, medium scale and large scale production units of our country aspiring for profit of their own units. Industry takes into account all the laws mention for Indian industries in Industrial Regulation Act.
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Industry has two meanings, each with a different adjective. One is "industrial" and the other is "industrious" but you could look it up to know better.

1 : diligence in an employment or pursuit; especially : steady or habitual effort
2 a : systematic labor especially for some useful purpose or the creation of something of value b : a department or branch of a craft, art, business, or manufacture; especially : one that employs a large personnel and capital especially in manufacturing c : a distinct group of productive or profit-making enterprises <the banking industry> d : manufacturing activity as a whole <the nation's industry>
Industry (from Latin industrius, "diligent, industrious"), is the segment of economy concerned with production of goods. Industry began in its present form during the 1800s, aided by technological advances, and it has continued to develop to this day. Many "developed" countries (The U.K., The U.S. and Canada) depend significantly on industry. Industries, the countries they reside in, and the economies of those countries are interlinked in a complex web that may be hard to understand at first glance.

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