. Why do teenagers have the highest unemployment rate in the economy?

Least employable...on average the most undependable, need to be trained, plenty of competition for low-skilled work. Broken down it's even worse for male teenagers of a certain color, as well, unfortunately.
Because most teenagers live with their parents. Rotating in and out of the work force when you don't have a mortgage or a car payment is not a big deal.
Well I'm a teenager and I'm only 14. I've saved up over $600 by working concession, babysitting, and good grades to visit the U.K. this summer. I believe that some teenagers are just not raised right, and that they think they can feed off of mommy and daddy until they're old.
A large percent of them return to school so they only work part time and some of the ones entering the workforce ain't sure what they want and try something then quit if it isn't their cup of tea.
They have the least amount of education and experience. So it's only natural that a company will hire older and more experienced employees.
" Yea?...so how do I get experience if I can't get a job? "
is the most common lament amongst the teenagers looking for work.
Sounds like a "catch 22" situation to be sure. But sooner or later a teenager does find employment and with that; the teenager gains time in the workforce. Having that short time employed is long enough to gain a small resume for prospective employers. By the time you are 21 to 25 years of age then you are in a stronger bartering position for a good lifelong career, or trade.
That's the way "growing up" works in the employment field.
Many jobs require a degree of education, skill, and experience that teenagers lack. The degree of specialization and increased knowledge in a field, not to mention an understanding of the demands of many workplaces, will tend to make an adult worker more productive than a teens.
It's only a statistic. As a teenager I enjoyed CASH, under the table. Hence to the Gov't I was unemployed.
Is it possible that it has to do with the fact that at this point in time, the baby boomers are the most productive group and the largest percentage of the working population?

Next, keep in mind that the economy is fairly weak at this time, and most companies are making every effort to maximize their investment.

Outsourcing of jobs to less costly regions on the planet has made a lot of people with established skill sets available for employment.

Is it possible that teens still don't have the assets to invest in, just like I didn't have when I was 30 years younger? However, I believe that employers worth their salt are going to keep their eyes open for the driven teen ager, who already knows that today's skills developed become tomorrow's skills rewarded. Practice this and the jobs will come your way.

I would just like to add that I don't see any point in finding a way to become skilled in doing nothing but twiddling your thumbs, and isn't that basically what you do when you play video games?
Because not all teenagers choose to work for pay. Some choose just to focus on school. (And, of course, there are some who are lazy also.)

Teenagers generally don't "need" to work to survive - they do it for "wants" vs. "needs." (Unless they are from a family that can't provide all the "needs" and they have to help out.)
Not true Octogenarians and Nonogenarians both have higher rates of unemployment.
Most are lazy and supported by their parents. They'll start working though, mommys money wount last 4 ever!
schools have failed to teach good working practices.

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