Which topic is best one?

i make presentation of economics
which topic is best for presentation

1) monopoly
2) demand theory

i think that monopoly would be your best bet. There are so many points about monopoly that could make your presentation extraordinary. There is also a lot you can talk about to keep the presentation flowing. Lastly, I think that monopoly is a more important topic and that, if i got to choose to attend a presentation about monopoly or demand theory... i would choose monopoly in a heart beat. this is because it is easy to understand, but it also has a few great details that can be learned.
3) central banking - controversial and informative, something most people know little to nothing about
Monopoly is easier to do a presentation on - demand theory, while easier to explain, will make a very boring presentation.

I vote for Monopoly.
based on the economics class I took in the recent past, demand theory is the best...some have a hard time understanding this theory.

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