How is communism supposed to work?

"to each according to their need" - how does it work?

Does somebody ask you: "What kind of car you need - compact, regular, SUV, minivan, sports? And which brand - Ford, Toyota or BMW?"
And you reply "Oh, I will be happy enough with a Ford sedan, I do not need a large or fancy car"?

What kind of brainwashing would it take to get most people to behave like that?

In communism there wouldn't be any different kinds of cars, just for different uses. All personal transportation would be the same. To each according to their need means that if you have four kids you would be given more food than someone who doesn't have any, etc.

The brainwashing doesn't work, that's why communism never works. Mankind is never happy submerging his own ego into a collective mind and never will be. We are constitutionally unable to do this without being forced to.
About as much brainwashing as it does to get people to believe in any economic system, including capitalism.

In a certain communist system, let's say, you're loyalty to the party and hard-work within the party system will get you that BMW. Now, in capitalism, you're loyalty to you're boss and you're hard work at his orders will get you that BMW.

So, what's difference?

I have to admit, capitalism does have the patina of free choice, but hardly more so than the alternatives. If you don't claim loyalty and kiss someone's but, you will never get that BMW.

Does a plumber need or deserve a BMW? Does a high government official? One could say that at least the plumber has a choice --so how many plumbers you know drive a BMW? Not many I bet, and this is because, like most systems, they get what they need.

United States high schools were created in the late 19th century to create a docile workforce, and the brainwashing start there, if you ask me. The countless ads on TV for products are also no different than Soviet propaganda. The distribution of wealth is worse in the U.S. than in any communist country ever, also.

In America, we do value freedom over stability, even if that means we're poorer. We're meant to believe that the rich shouldn't be taxed because we all have a chance, but in reality, there is a ruling class in any society and they intend to keep it that way, and you can't blame them.

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