Are all librals insane?

I think so, but I'm just not sure...

Liberals tend to believe in the social contract, that we are stronger as a nation when we empower each other and conduct our government for broad social benefit rather than for individual benefit. Conservatives, on the other hand, operate from a lower level of human development where individual empowerment means "survival of the fittest", "a sucka's born every minute", "dominion over the planet means plunder rather than guardianship" and "me first". Genecide, rigging elections, gerrymandering, lying and torture are ok if it means their personal survival and advantage. They have primitive values. For example, Conservatives believe that the end justifies the means. Liberals do not.

Conservatives have never believed in the American Dream or the principles of pluralism and democracy. Since the beginning of this democracy, the dream to be free and have a fair chance has been under attack by the Conservative's belief system. Conservatives do not believe in the U.S. Constitution, unless it serves their self-interests. Liberals, on the other hand, look out for each other's rights in our pluralistic society. Conservatives do not care for anyone but themselves and their own viewpoints, their own religions, their own bank accounts. They are not believers in the common good. They plunder, even from the weak. They do not care about their own neighbors or their own communities or people who are different than they are. They prefer to live in gated communities and build massive fences and walls.

They relentlessly strive to disenfranchise as many people from the American Dream as possible. Per Supreme Court record, Conservatives fought against Americans who wanted slavery abolished. They fought against black Americans who wanted to vote. They fought against female Americans who wanted to vote. They fought against Americans who wanted to keep church and state separate. They fought against older and disabled Americans who wanted American public restrooms and sidewalks to accomodate wheelchairs. They fought against American workers who wanted a decent minimum wage and a forty-hour work week. They fight to this day against poor people by refusing to raise the minimum wage yet voting themselves raises in legislative bodies. They fought against American children and forced them to work like slaves in factories and mines. They fought against American children and spent our money making arms dealers rich while taking money away from the public school system. They fought against working American mothers who needed equal pay and decent childcare. They fought against hungry American babies and slashed preschool nutrional programs for the poor. They fought against pregnant poor Americans and slashed prenatal care programs. They fought against American healthcare professionals who were struggling to stop the spread of AIDS and they blocked the distribution of condoms that would have saved millions of American lives. They fought against American homosexuals who wanted to be able to rent a house or an apartment and live together in peace. They fought against American police organizations that pleaded for a ban on the guns that slaughter police officers and over 40,000 Americans every year. They fought against Americans who tried to protect the environment and people from pollution and poisons that are being put in the air and water, by conservatives, mostly. They fought against every American in court who has struggled to protect our freedom of speech.

They fight against Americans who want the Internet to remain free. They fight against Americans who want peace and they fight to protect their right to profit from war. They fought against a common ground like this Yahoo site, a common ground where people from all tribes and nations of the world could gather and share ideas and problem-solving, the United Nations. Their vision has plunged this nation in horrible debt, set back science and technology and our national math and science scores to the point where our young people cannot even pass the new global job market tests while they pandered to fringe religious groups for their votes, sold us out in NAFTA based contracts that thus far have benefitted only a few and have divided this nation in order to plunder even the future of our children. Conservatives feel nothing but contempt for compassion, as evidenced by their phrase, "bleeding heart liberal". Their's is a morbid paradigm.
But I suspect that conservatives are. . . .
NO! They are many different levels of liberals. I consider myself as a liberal because, I am for human rights not corporate rights. If that makes me a bad person, then whom ever is not considering that human rights should come first. Have you read the Constitution? Don't be blind. Sicko (the movie) show how we are only pones. We pay our taxes and try to help in your community. HUMAN RIGHTS is the way I'll live. I refused to change my feeling to those who are being screwed by capitalism.
First, learn how to spell LIBERAL.

Second, I don't think it matters what anyone says here, you will probably continue thinking whatever you want.

Personally, I think most hardline conservatives are insane. How does weaking environmental laws help wetlands or nature preserves (claim by con. lawmakers), more pollution create "clean air" (bush's "clear/healthy skies initiative"), how is coal a clean energy source (ever been to a coal town?), why is invading personal lives okay if they're the lives of others? How is torture bad if other countries do it but not bad if we do it?
The only way to explain all of the above is that hardline conservatives are the one who are a little insane.
Patois, I loved that impassioned response.

The only thing I would add is that you should check your scientific references before claiming that humans have nothing to do with global warming. The vast majority of the scientific community is absolutely convinced that carbon emissions are directly related to global temperature increases.
i dont care about global warmming. its total wacko anyways-sources google video on global warmming.
Well, there is a difference between being 'insane' and being 'ignorant' or misinformed.

For example, if I believed that a great many scientists are right and global warming exists, and that we still have time to do something about it, and I said so, why would you consider than 'insane'?

If you really mean that all liberals are 'stupid', then I would say in many cases you are right. Liberals historically tended to be wary of science as science has sort of led to a lot of the destruction in the environment and war technology. And many students believe the right things for the wrong reasons.

But by and large, liberals have the correct intuition about most problems (which we may debate at other times). And in the case of global warming, the outcome is so horrendous, so destructive and nightmarish, that to have someone like you make fun of it is more than I can bear. It is in fact surprising to have someone who so cheerfully ignorant of scientific consensus. In all seriousness, this is the kind of ignorance that breeds so much evil in the world.

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