I have done my graduation in Economics(Major).I am planning to do MA(Economics) through distance education ie.IGNOU.I dont have time to go for coaching so I will have to do self study.I want to know if for any of the following papers coaching is necessary.Please help.
1st year:
Paper 1-Micro economic analysis.
Paper 2-Macro economic analysis.
Paper 3-Quantitative methods for economic analysis.
Paper 4-Economics of growth and development.
Indian Economic Policy.

2nd year:
Paper 5-Public economics.
Paper 6-International trade and finance.
Paper 7-Economics of social sector and environment.
Paper 8-Research methods in economics or Project work.

Optional papers(Any 2):
Econometric methods.
Actuarial economics:theory and practice.
Financial institutions and markets.
Public policy and analysis.
Electronic governance.
Please also tell me which of the above optional papers are easy?

Coaching may not be necessary. I presume that you have done BA (Economics) already. You can take help of friends occasionally. But your self study should be intensive.
As for optional papers best is to take Econometric Methods and Acturial Economics, if you are strong in Statistics and Mathematics. If not, best is to choose Financial Institutions and Markets and Electronic Governance. These may not be very easy but interesting for a person doing selfstudy.
Good luck.

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