The AMERO dollar? Fact or fiction? take a look at this folks!?

Seeing is believing here folks! Pointed out to me by jimKearney746... Anybody realize the consequences of this, Especially in the long haul?

Under the North American Union this will be the new currency. They will push this under the "Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America".

This is an attempt to blur our borders.. eventually obsolete our constitution.. and in the long run introdude a one-world government. Sounds Orwellian doesn't it? IT'S TRUE. STOP THE AMERO. STOP THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION.
They must need a new currency to replace the Federal Reserve Note, which is due to collapse in the next 10 years.

However, a guy at the Council on Foreign Relations (one of the elitist organizations that all the "electable" candidates belong to), has mentioned that he believes that private gold banking will inevitably replace the Dollar, the Euro, and all other fiat currencies. Exactly what the Austrian School Economists have been predicting for years now.
your link didn't work, but a gold backed currency will never replace fiat money. Fiat money replaced backed currency, and for a good reason, it's much much more efficient. Besides I don't know about you, but gold isn't fundamentally different from a dollar bill to me, really gold isn't worth anything in itself to me; except maybe some bling, but of practical use it's no more useful than paper to me; so why would I care if I can exchange my dollar for gold?
It sounds like the feds are already planning for a deep decline in the American dollar and if they are, who will have ANY money? What happens to the rest of us? I believe the Amero is something that is about to happen, but just how soon? Is that what the chimp is up to? What a corrupt criminal - and he is supposed to be the example all our children want to model themselves after! I am glad both of my kids are grown up and on their own!
its fact - or it would not be on tv - LOL

Look, for decades our leaders have been sending us down the path toward a "new world order" - this stuff is becoming public only because bush is pushing so hard to get us there early

He has already signed the orders allowing him to decalre national emergencies - FEMA is already set up to take over when that happens - hapeus corpus is suspended and the UN is authorized to use military force if necessary on our soil

I dont get why people find this info so hard to believe - they cant be so gullible as to still believe that their government is looking out for thier welfare can they??

Buy your gold and silver now - while you can - yes I understand that it is a meaningless to you as the federal reserve notes - but soon those notes will be worth nothing - and people will only accept gold or silver - if you dont have any when that happens then you are on ehurting puppy - so start preparing
Sounds like our state capitalist dollars are hard at work, redistributing wealth.

I would argue for a separation of State and Economy.

Until that happens, you might want to give up your notions of free-enterprise capitalism, and instead, invest in whatever Kennedy, Pelosi, Feinstein, Bush and the Clintons invest in.

This change will surely be economically beneficial for someone.

For me, I'm sure my big financial decision will be based on who has better food ---- the soup lines or the re-education camp.

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