Would the US government benefit if Japan, Canada, England donated 1 trillion dollars every year to the US?

Would then the US economy get better?

Yes. The US dollar will appreciate and UD debt to foreign countries will reduce provided the Donated dollars are not again spent on importing things. However, the US govt. can really wage a great war on terroirsm if it recieves 1 trillion dollar every year. Terrorist leaders of Iran and North Korea will go as Saddam and Bin Laden have disappeared.
But Japan, Canada and England will run out of money by cntinuous donation. They are not fools to do so.
No. Only a select few will actually pocket the money and life will go on as if nothing happened at all.
No but if we stopped sending aid to foreign countries and pulled out of the UN that would definitely be a step in the right direction
Well, it would all depend on what was done with the money. Money doesn't always solve problems.

Now, if those countries would like to donate to me personally, I'd find a way to live with it.
It's similar to why most western countries are sending money to lesser developed countries. You can't throw money at a problem and hope it'll go away. Sometimes other things are needed, such as skilled laborers, good leaders and things you can't pay for. The US economy wouldn't improve if it got things, nothing improves when you're given something. All things need to learn to be self sufficient. If the US economy got a lot of money, then it would be less inclined to earn it's own money, and therefore actually weakening it.

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