Can anybody plz say me the negative positive/effects of advertising?

i have got this project on ADVERTISING.i have done all the questions except this one question in which we have to give the +tive/-tive effects of advertising. can anyone help me ppppppppppppppppppppppllllllll... this project is due tuesday!!!!

positive are:
1 help in building brand
2 able to comunicate the product
3 it is helps consumer to choose the product

Advertising informs and inspires consumers so they can choose how to enrich their lives

• Advertising stimulates competition among companies
• Advertising encourages product innovation
• Advertising plays a part - through the process of sparking demand - in creating jobs in thousands of industries
• Advertising enables an independent, pluralistic, affordable media, the very foundation of democracy itself
• Advertising also subsidizes a large part of the entertainment industry - particularly sports, music, and theatrical events


An extensively documented effect is the control and vetoing of free information by the advertisers. Any negative information on a company or its products or operations often results in pressures from the company to withdraw such information lines, threatening to cut their ads. This behaviour makes the editors of the media self-censor content that might upset their ad payers. The bigger the companies are, the bigger their relation becomes, maximising control over a single piece of information.

Advertisers may try to minimise information about or from consumer groups, consumer-controlled purchasing initiatives (as joint purchase systems), or consumer-controlled quality information systems.

Another indirect effect of advertising is to modify the nature of the communication media where it is shown. Media that get most of their revenues from publicity try to make their medium a good place for communicating ads before anything else. The clearest example is television, where broadcasters try to make the public stay for a long time in a mental state that encourages spectators not to switch the channel during advertisements. Programs that are low in mental stimulus, require light concentration and are varied are best for long sitting times. These also make for much easier emotional transition to ads, which are occasionally more entertaining than the regular shows. A simple way to understand objectives in television programming is to compare the content of programs paid for and chosen by the viewer with those on channels that get their income mainly from advertisements.

In several books, articles and videos, communication professor Sut Jhally has argued that pervasive commercial advertising, by constantly reinforcing a bogus association between consumption and happiness and by focusing on individual immediate needs, leads to a squandering of resources and stands in the way of a discussion of fundamental societal and long-term needs
One Of The positive Things Is That The Psychological brain is prone to humor so that is why more people advertise with humor.One Of The More Negative Things Is That In Different Places The Duration Of The Commercials are Different minutes And Seconds Long. One Of the Other More Negative Things Is That Television Advertisement Has A Likely hood of stretching the truth. The Other More Positive Thing About Television advertisement Is That is A Very Efficient way selling things and getting a point across

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