Does the size of a country matter?

Size of country can be boom and even it can be" - " point of the country olso. It dosen't depend upon the size of the country but the type of Govt. and its Economic Policies which effect the countries development. For example, many of the Europian countries are smaller than Indian States but still they are highly developed
Matter as far as what? I depends on what you are specifically looking at... population, economics...etc...
Yes, unless you have excellent transport links.
No the US is still the best in my eye... Freedom is #1 not the size
you are free in many other countries, not just the US!!
I think not. The size of Canada is not proportional to its population (or Australia). Also one of the richest countries (considering the average salary) is Marocco - with the size of a bigger city
Matter how? Canada is considerably larger than the USA but has far fewer inhabitants. It has a smaller economy (by GDP) and isn't a permenant member of the security council at the United Nations
The United Kingdom by contrast has tremendous influence compared to Canada, has higher GDP and population but ludicrously small (by land area) country ..

EDIT: Mateon, you're mistaken regarding Morocco. It is in fact larger than the UK, Austria and Greece combined. Did you mean Monaco? If so, it is not a country but a principality within France
Your obviously doing some kind of an exam although its summer. I think someone asked you a list of questions and you just wrote the questions in the question box. You need to give more details.

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