Does anyone know what the link is between trade unions nd economic development?pls...any1?

its important and urgent...

I can't cite any sources so my answer is not authoritative but for heavens sake don't say Trade Unionism has held back economic development.
Trade unionism is generally credited by everyone to have been a boon to the countries economy by insisting on the improvement of working conditions for workers, without unions we would practically be living in a totalitarian state as little more than wage slaves.
It might have been difficult at the start but eventually even Parliament passed laws to improve working conditions and today the early Union leaders are recognised as benefactors if not heroes.
Not much but hope this is a little help.
Is Inverse, more trade union, less economic development.
Ttade unions like fare, ever won haf noting is OK some haf som not is not OK so haf strike till all hav noting

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