Current issues in health economics?

The biggest issue in this dreadful system is the socialist base where you can get any treatment that you want with the capitalist top. This means that while you can go to the ER on a whim and get any test that they want to order you have no ability to decide if you actually need it or negotiate what you might pay for it. If you go to an ER and the doctor tells you that you need a CT scan you have no way of knowing if that's true or not and even it if is true when they bill you $800 you have no way of knowing if the hospital across town would have done it for $400 and even if they would you couldn't have gotten it at that point. So the system tells you to come in and then shafts you for coming in. Oh by the way the insurance company would only pay around $200 for those same CT scans. If that's not a huge problem I have no idea what is.

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