Africa has gold, diamonds, oil, and every other great natural resource of the world. So why does the richest g

Africa is rich with resources but much of the valuable land is owned by non-Africans and the African Government who only want to exploit the people who live there.
dont get the question-soz
Possibly because they live under a curse. All the practice of Voodoo, and black magic. Haiti is the same way it s just as tropical their as Jamaica or Bahamas although the Haitian govt. is a large part of its citizens poverty.
corruption the same kind that made the slave trade possible when the AFRICANS sold their own people into slavery.
there hording it for some other rainy day.
Poor governance. Most of the governments in Africa own the mines and oil wells. This concentration of wealth is a strong invitation to corruption. Hence, most of this oil and mineral wealth is siphoned off by a corrupt local elite.
it also has the greatest natural resource of backward-looking, grudge-bearing, petty-minded, selfish, cruel and vindictive people on the planet.

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