Can somebody explain to me why the media is saying the economy is doing so great?

The Dow is up. That is great. Aren't foreclosures at an all time high, and the number of people buying homes are down. Aren't gas prices getting higher? I also hear that only 1% percent of the nation is saving, and almost everyone has more that 10k worth of credit card? Somebody make me understand this.

If you are very wealthy and have investments, you are doing great. If you are a working member of the middle class or under the poverty level you are not doing well at all. The harder you work, the more debt you have it seems. The dollar is going down fast and no one can save a dime.
theyre still stinks...high prices.gas is insane
so is food clothes everything
Heads in the sand. The media doesn't want us to think about what's going on, and most Americans are afraid to face the reality of our future. Eat, drink, and be merry.
The media has never been liberal, or conservative for that matter. It is capitalist. They do not want to step on the toes of their bosses, the sponsors. It is more profitable to tell the masses/customers what they want to hear. Besides, can you really make the blind to see if they don't want to?
I retired 3 years early. My house is paid for, my cars are paid for (and they're only 3 years old) I don't have any bills, I turn down jobs every month, I don't have one of those upside down loans (adjustables that so many foreclosures are being made on) I just made 27% on my investment from last year, all of my children have GOOD jobs, everyone I know is working and has a good job, and I have a crapload of money in the bank. And I was a cop for 28 years.(no, not a crooked one for the smart A $ $ who is gonna put that down. a HARD WORKING one. I invested my money in realestate, lived on a budget, didn't buy every gadget under the sun, made GOOD home loans even on commercial property, didn't go on vacations that I couldn't pay for up front or in cash, and on and on. Stuff people don't want to do today. they want to have everything NOW and can't stand the idea of not having the NEWest widget, tv, cell phone, car gadget, etc)

Maybe they're writing about ME!!

and I pay my credit card bill of every month (it runs about $4000 a month)

Maybe more people should have paid more ATTENTION in school when they were talking about a BUDGET!!!

If YOU didn't I'll give you a heads up:


DO WITHOUT. Without the toys your buddies have, Starbucks, flatscreen, jet ski, cell phone, etc.

PLAN FOR THE FUTURE - BY PAYING YOURSELF FIRST Put 10% of your gross every payday in a savings account or a 401K. Get investment advice and follow it.
the economy is doing great. we have low unemployment rate. foreclosures well, its banks lossing money- doesnt really effect the economy- they just add less money to the gdp figures because banks are writing off the loans. they got themselves into it, they might as well get themselves out of it. the amount of credit available in the economy will be cut as bank sell off these foreclosures. for example house bought for 400k then sold in foreclosure for 200k. bank loses 200k.
That's why God invented the nightly business reports most local stations carry. National media can't take care of everything.
Media is trying to lessen the burden of the people. Just like the tv shows, they produce shows that are not real. Media "helps" people to think fantasy not reality.

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