How much has the federal government taken in gasoline taxes since we invated Iraq?

Look at the date of the invasion and the average price of gasoline at the pump the week before. Now look at gasoline sales since that date, and calculate the governments take in its various fuel taxes and tariffs.

its got to be more than the 500 billion wasted
The federal gasoline tax is fixed at about 18 cents/gal. Most of it is earmarked to pay for building new roads (the states fight over 'their share' every year). States add another 18 cents/gal (on average - it varies from state to state). Other taxes add about 9 cents/gal to bring the total gas tax to about 46 cents/gal.

If the price of gas goes up, the federal tax collections do not go up. They only go up if the total # of gallons purchased go up. In fact, it is likely that $3/gal gas makes people try to use less gas, so federal gas tax collections would be expected to be adversely affected by high gas prices.

So if you are thinking that the Feds are making more $ on gas taxes because of the Iraq war, youare under-informed.

It's always good to check facts before putting a theory in front of a million Yahoo!Answers users. You know how to use the web to blow smoke out of your *$$, try using it for some research besides YouTube and psionics searches.

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