What are the economic and ecological advantages and disadvantages of relying more on:?

What are the economic and ecological advantages and disadvantages of relying more on:
a) A small number of genetic varieties of major crops and livestock
b) genetically modified food
c) perennial food crops
Explain why you support of oppose each of these approaches.

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The first kind of GM crop ever adopted was the so called Higher Yielding Variety of seed during the Green Revolution. Economically this technological development lead to great breaktrhoughs in countries like India, the Phillipines and Mexico because what this seed did was deliver a better response to pesticides and as a result saved these countries from predicted famines in those years.

Even though these technologies have greatly benefited the economies it is thought that they were very bad for the environment as they destroyed whole ecosystems by keeping not only pests but other, benefitial for crops, insects away as well.

Also these seeds are very expensive because unlike with the only varieties that farmers could just sew old seeds together whereas now the new seeds increase the cost of production because new ones have to be bought every year.

Moreover we dont know what the impact of these genetically modifed foods because its been a very recently introduced technology.

Finally the main reason why there could be an economic backclash of adopting these seeds is because eventually the pests may become resiliant even to the increased responsiveness of the pesticides guaranteed by the new seeds and we will have to invest in developing new technology from scratch.
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